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Minisode 2 Season 2

Meet Shweta Saraf.

Published: April 19, 2023
Stylized image featuring Shweta Saraf

Grace gives a brief recap of Season 1 of Traceroute, then shares one of the central themes of Season 2: “the human layer of the stack.” We then learn more about Shweta Saraf, such as her favorite food, and why that serves as a metaphor for her personality. Shweta talks about her background as the 1st generation of her family to grow up in the U.S., her growth in the tech field, and her belief that connection is the common element between machinery and humanity.

Grace shares her enthusiasm for hearing more about the “unseen” parts of the Internet, and we hear a soundbite from Season One’s Dave Tempkin, who helped build and structure Netflix’s network. The episode concludes with Grace and Shweta discussing the topics they’d like to see covered in Season 2: What is the human side of our hardware choices? Our sustainability choices? How do humans interact with the stack? What is the “lifecycle” of a developer?

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